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Our sensational Cordonelle thigh bands have been helping thousands of women struggling with the problem of chafing their thighs in the summer for 5 years. Do you want to wear dresses and skirts again in summer? choose Cordonelle bands. Our anti-chafing bands are made just for you. The bands are made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to the double silicone strips on the upper and lower ends, the band stays in place, does not move and does not chafe the skin. So if you want to feel comfortable and discreetly solve your problem, Cordonelle thigh bands are just for you.
The Cordonelle self-supporting bands are fully manufactured in Poland , the silicone used has all the certificates that guarantee safety in contact with the skin. Price for a pair.
For many years, we have been offering the widest selection of types of bands in Poland, both smooth and lace, in a very wide range of sizes. Every season, we try to develop our product based on your comments, introducing new products such as truly satin bands or a wavy silicone pattern.
Before buying, see the video on how to choose the right size of our bands -
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